Wholly Tara!: wholly preview!

Friday, April 25, 2014

wholly preview!

I know all our wholly shopaholics are always trying to get first dibs on the new stuff, so here's a glimpse at what will be in at the beginning of next week!

first up is Califronia made AG Jeans! next week we'll be getting two new pairs of jeans….

on the left is the Angelina, which is a petite bootcut jean in their Estate wash which will be a great summer transition jean as it has a small amount of fading on semi dark jean. 

and on the right is our best-selling legging ankle jean. what makes this pant different from other skinny jeans is that while it is a low rise in the front it comes up to a mid rise in the back to give you all of the coverage you desire. plus it's coming in this super soft 18 Year wash. 

also coming in next week is Seattle brand, Prairie Underground! all of their pieces are 100% Organic Cotton and made in Seattle, Washington.

in this shipment we will be getting their cloak hoodie, which is the shortest of their hoodies, but still has that amazing hoodie and roomy pockets that you love in the longer styles!

we're really excited to see this new vest from them as well. made from an organic denim, this vest is very vesatile, wear it open or closed with the collar up or down. 

their best-selling girdle legging is going to be here in this gorgeous cobalt blue for spring!

and you will also see these ruched-front leggings for the first time since last spring in this pretty taupe/grey color that the Prairie team calls Wet Cement.

stay tuned on our facebook for the actual arrival of these items, or you can contact the store today to have us save you one! call us at 603.968.7803 or email us at