Wholly Tara!: wholly spring preview!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

wholly spring preview!

our wholly super sale was a success! we asked you, our wholly shopaholics to come in and help us make room for our new spring inventory and you all ran right in for the great deals and steals. as a reward, we're treating you all to a little preview of our spring merchandise! 

here's what will be arriving in the next few weeks!!!

we're very excited for the this new pant from prairie underground, it's a slouchy silk-cotton blend pant with a ribbed cotton on the inside of the leg. we're getting a cropped version in the black, and we cannot wait to try them on because this style is very on trend this summer!

returning to the store will be prairie underground best sellers, the denim girdle leggings and the mid victorian hoodie. 

we have these in black currently in stock, but the denim ones are on their way! these are our favorite leggings because they're made out of a super soft 100% organic cotton, are a high rise, and feature a fun and funky exposed zipper. not to mention, the vertical seaming down the front of the pants is very slimming!

while we can get prairie's long cloak hoodie all the time, we can only get this shorter hoodie once a year! so if you're interested, call the store to save one for yourself. 

next on our fabulous spring preview, is two fantastic tees from a new brand we picked up in nyc called raw earth wild sky. like prairie, their clothing is also made out of 100% organic cotton.

this cowl neck tee is long enough to be your new favorite top to wear with leggings, the ruching on the side is super flattering and the large cowl can be worn as is, pulled down over the shoulders, or as a large hood! 

keep a watch for when these items come in on our facebook page, online store, or in store!