Wholly Tara!: wholly new jewelry!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

wholly new jewelry!!!

Designer of wearable art
Magnetic pewter, limpid glass, luminous resin, lavish gold – all materials sculpted by Anne-Marie Chagnon, to create these unique designs, eye catching manifestations from a mysterious world of beauty from beyond. Blessed with a bountiful imagination, this graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal shapes materials instinctively while achieving a playful harmony of form. With the search for authenticity at the heart of her approach, her signature is unmistakable, recognizable at first glance.
Valued for her ingenuity and original designs, Anne-Marie Chagnon sells her jewellery-sculptures on four continents. Furthermore, for 10 years, Anne-Marie Chagnon has been creating annually an exclusive collection of jewellery available in Cirque du Soleil boutiques around the world.
All handmade in Montreal, each of her designs is a wonder of wearable art.  One-of-a-kind, this alliance of beauty and independence of spirit will appeal to all those who value their own uniqueness. A genuine tribute to personal expression, each of her creations is art you can wear in accord with your changing moods.