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Friday, January 14, 2011

wholly hard tail!


With the goal of making clothes for healthy bodies and a healthy planet, Hard Tail is pleased to announce the addition of Hard Tail Green Label to our signature sportswear collection. Hard Tail Green Label is a selection of our figure-flattering styles, like the always-popular roll down yoga pant, with the addition of a few new styles that leave a smaller “imprint” on the environment.

The new collection includes tanks, tees, dresses, hoodies, skirts, pants, and capris to mix, match and layer. The garments are made of organic cottons and sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, and dyed naturally with earth-friendly dyes. The new ultra-soft all-organic fabrications include jersey, cotton rib, pointelle, thermal, and cotton lycra.

As always, all of our garments are manufactured in the United States, reducing the carbon footprint of the product and supporting US-based jobs